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Hello kids,

Here we are one more week to provide you with the new spelling words.  As you can see, they are words related to the Science unit we are studying at the moment so they’ll probably be very helpful to learn it. So we hope you practise a lot! 🙂

You can also practise the new miniteacher questions that are about weather.

As you already know, we are doing an English test next week. We want to share with you these exercises. Let’s work hard!

Telling the time 1

Telling the time 2

Present Simple exercises (affirmative)

Present Simple exercises (negative)

Present Simple exercises (interrogative)

Apart from this, we recommend you to play “Guess Who” with your family, you’ll enjoy it for sure and you’ll revise the descriptions and all the vocabulary words we have learnt in class.

Finally, here you have a webpage where you can practise everything you know about vertebrates. Remember that you should revise the mindmaps and all the new contents daily at home.


Have a nice weekend!

See you on Monday 🙂

Your English teachers.