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The Atmosphere! New Unit- Social Science!

Hello everyone! We have started a new unit with amazing information! Don't forget to study and review a little bit everyday! Here you can watch the Atmosphere video again! Click here Your teachers Pilar, Ainhoa 6 Pilar

Test Natural Science – Unit 2 Animals

Hello everyone! Next week we are going to do the next test of Natural Science. You´ve made a great effort day by day to achieve the different challenges and become an expert on animals. We think most of you are ready to collaborate with the Science History Museum in...

Games about animals

Hello guys! You are doing a great job learning about animals. So you are becoming experts on the topic. We are sure the Natural History Museum of London will be very happy with your work. Here you have some resources to learn more about vertebrate and invertebrate...

Natural Unit 2: Animals

Hello guys! We have started a new unit in Natural about animals. Here you have some videos that you can enjoy. VERTEBRATES FISH AMPHIBIANS

¿Cómo estudiar Inglés y Science? Estrategias

Buenos días familias y niños, Sabemos que este año, tanto en inglés como en Science, los contenidos aumentan en cuanto a cantidad y dificultad y queremos ofreceros una guía para el proceso de estudio. Semanalmente, tenemos que practicar el spelling de inglés y las...

Natural test Unit 1

Hi guys, We have our first Naural test very soon. Here you have everything you need to know to be ready for this test. GUIA ESTUDIO NATURAL UNIT 1 Study a lot!!

Learning about plants

Hello guys, We are learning many things about plants. Here you have a video about the photosynthesis process. VIDEO And a game to practice what a plant needs to grow. GAME


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