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Spelling Week – 5

Hello everyone, This is the link for next weeks spelling test - Quizlet Hope you have a great bank holiday weekend. Thanks, James

Spelling – Irregular verbs

Hi everyone, Please practice these 15 Irregular verbs, more to come soon. Quizlet Thanks, James

Spelling week 9 – Actions

Hi all, Here is the link for the spelling test next week. Thanks!

Spelling week 7- Adjectives

Hi all, Here you have the spelling list for next week. Thanks!

Spelling week 5 – Numbers

Hi Guys,   This is your spellings for this week. We will be practicing numbers! Please use this link- Spelling Week 5

Spelling week 3

Here we go for another spelling week! This one is related to the vocabulary we are practising in Natural Science. Spelling words 3    


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