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Social Test – Unit 7

Hi guys, Here you have STUDY GUIDE for your last social exam!! Good luck!

Guia estudio Social Unit 6

  Hi guys, Here you have the guide to study the next Social test about Spain´s organisation (unit 6) Guide

Social – Practicing

Hi guys! We are learning a lot about Geography! It´s time to practice that knowledge. Here you have these useful resources. MAPA FÍSICO EN ESPAÑOL (descargar) PRINT THIS MAP TO STUDY UNIDADES DEL RELIEVE DE ESPAÑA (Activities) LA MESETA (Activities) MAPA 1 - El...

Social – Unit 1 Landforms

Hi everyone! We found out this interesting web which explains many things about the Sapin´s geography features that we are learning. We advise you to surf on this web and try to learn from it, connecting its content to what we are practicing in class. EL relieve en...

Repaso Social

Hi everyone! As you know in Social Sciences we are begging with unit 1 and 3, which consist of the landforms and hydrography in Spain. To be ready to study this unit, we need to refresh our previous knowledge about the Autonomous Communities and provinces in Spain....


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