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Social Science test!

Hello kids! Sorry but the blog was not working properly last week. As you already know, we are studying some parts of the units 3 and 4. Here you have the contents you may find in the test: Mapas político, físico y ríos del cuaderno. Climates. Drainage basins. The...


Hello kids, Here you have some interactive maps that you can practise. Thus, you have two blank maps that you can print out the times that you need. Where is it?  What's the name?  Another Europe map Physical map Paper physical map Paper political map Your Science...

About the Spanish landscape…

Hey kids, We  want to take the advantage to share with you the website that is going to help you on the little project that we are about to start this unit. We'll let you know the moment we'll start the project. Although you have some information that might be...

Social Science time!

Hello guys 🙂 We have already started a new unit of Social Science: "The Spanish landscape". And, here you have the new spelling related to it. Spelling week 5 Por otro lado, os informamos de que este tema lo vamos a abordar de una forma distinta. A lo largo de estas...

Técnicas de estudio

Os dejamos una infografía con algunas técnicas de estudio para repasar las diferentes materias dadas. Buen fin de semana.


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