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Spelling week 21: The city and I!

Hello people! ...Spelling time 😉 Spelling week 21: The city and I! Come on, you can do it!!! Your teachers.

Spelling Week 20

Hello kids, here you have the spelling of this week. There aren't many left... so let's keep the work up! 😀

English test unit 5: Space fun!

Hello guys! We know you're having fun, but... here you have the English guideline. Guía de estudio inglés_unit 5_Space fun Good luck! 🙂 See you tomorrow! Your English teachers.

Spelling Week 19

Hello kids, here you have the spelling test of this week. We hope you can listen to it few times before the spelling test 🙂 Your english teachers.

English duties!

Good morning guys! Here we are! It's spelling time again. This week it is related to the new unit of English: Space fun! Don't be lazy and practice it 🙂 Spelling week 18: Space fun! Apart from that, here you have some English exercises. They are not obligatory but,...

Spelling Week 17

Hello kids, here you have the spelling of this week 😉 See you tomorrow!!

Worksheets week 1/04

Hello! Here you have some worksheets to practice. simple past Reading Comprehension present simple writing See you! Your teachers.

English test: Unit 2

Good morning! We will do an English test next week. It is related with unit 2: How do I look? Here you have the guideline. guideline unit 2 (English) Good luck hard 🙂 See you!

Spelling week 16

Good morning people! It's spelling time! Spelling week 16: How do I look? Bye! 🙂

Unit 2: how do I look?

Hello, we are starting the new unit in English, here you have some worksheets for practice at home about the physical appearance. ficha 1 ficha 2 ficha 3 ficha 4 matching game   See you! Your teachers


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