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English test guideline

Hello kids, As other English tests we have done before, this will have: A listening activity related to the unit. A reading activitiy related to KET. An activity related to the vocabulary. An activity to write positive, negative and interrogative sentences of the...

Spelling practise and other worksheets

Hey kids! esta semana no tendremos spelling test como tal ya que la semana será algo atípica. Pese a ello, llevaréis  la lista de palabras de la semana y os dejaremos aquí la pronunciación de las mismas. En lugar del test, veremos en clase como se escriben y...

English time!

Hello guys! As you know, we have already started a new English unit. We are practising the conditionals again. Here you have some photocopies to do at home. Zero conditional First conditional Apart from this, you can also practise the KET at home with these links. KET...

Spelling and other stuff!

Good afternoon! It's Monday and, of course, here you have a new spelling. It includes different phrasal verbs which can be useful for your writings. Spelling week 7 Apart from this, you can continue practicing the Spanish maps through the webpages you can find in our...

English test

Hello guys, As you already know, we are doing an English test next week. Here you have the guideline. English guideline (unit 1) Have a nice weekend 🙂 Your English teachers.

Some English stuff!

Hi kids, This week it is your turn to do a vocabulary worksheet to practise for KET. We would like you to take it serious since it is as important as learning the grammar. So don't leave it to next Sunday if possible! We also want to take the advantage to write down...

Spelling Week 6

Hello kids! here you have the new spelling words. This list will help you study your vocabulary of the new English unit we are involved in. We also want to take an advantage to "drop" here some online worksheets of the new grammar tense: "used to" Used to I  Used to...

Vocabulary worksheet and grammar practise.

Hello kids, In this post we would like to offer you the possibility of practising the grammar that we are going to study in this new unit, Unit 1 "City life". We also want to remind you that we aren't having any spelling words to study but a vocabulary worksheet that...

Técnicas de estudio

Os dejamos una infografía con algunas técnicas de estudio para repasar las diferentes materias dadas. Buen fin de semana.

English test – guideline

Hi guys! Here you have your first English guideline. Make an effort and study hard! ENGLISH UNIT 7 (GUIDELINE) Enjoy your weekend 🙂 Your English teachers, Lola and Susana.


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