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English Study Guide for the next text!

Hello Guys!! You know that soon we have the next English test, and so you can get the Study Guide from the link below! Remember to organize the week to review all the content, and write down posible questions or doubts in the agenda, so we can help you more English...

Studying English Unit 10

Hi guys! Soon there will be a test, and here you can get the worksheets we have been working in class to review and work them out again in your study notebook. Let's try to avoid mistakes! Remember to write down posible questions or doubts in your agenda so we can...

English Test next Thursday 18th

Hi guys!!! We are having our first english test nest THURSADAY 18TH related to units 8 and 9. Don't forget to check the Study Guide, so you can review the content. English Study Guide Units 8&9 Your teachers Nidia &...


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