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Halloween is coming 🙂

Hi guys! HALLOWEEN  is coming and we need to be ready! As you know, this year we can wear costumes, but avoid bringing accessories and don´t paint your hair or face. We will do many activities along the 29th October 😊. As you know we will be doing a handcraft and we...

English test

We are going to have our English test so here you have the study guide. We are sure that you are going to do it great! We also add for you some materials that can help you review. He...

English review

These week we've been revising some grammar topics as Present simple, Present Continuous and Past simple. We are leaving some games, worksheets and videos to practice it at home....

Irregular verbs list

Hi guys! He are leaving you here the irregular verbs list, in case you need and extra copy. Rememeber that it will be in our spelling for several weeks. Have a nice week!

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