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Spelling and other stuff!

Good afternoon! It’s Monday and, of course, here you have a new spelling. It includes different phrasal verbs which can be useful for your writings. Spelling week 7 Apart from this, you can continue practicing the Spanish maps through the webpages you can find...

Some English stuff!

Hi kids, This week it is your turn to do a vocabulary worksheet to practise for KET. We would like you to take it serious since it is as important as learning the grammar. So don’t leave it to next Sunday if possible! We also want to take the advantage to write...

Los sufijos

Para seguir practicando, os dejamos un documento  con actividades de repaso. Podéis hacerlo en una hoja a parte y luego corregirlo con el archivo «soluciones». Sufijos Soluciones Buen fin de semana.